Ragdoll Stories




I Belong to her

I saw at once: right from the start
My Ragdoll cat was very smart.
I knew that I must train her right,
But as I said she’s very bright.

I placed her bed close by my hand,
But that’s not how she had it planned.
Upon my pillow she chose to sleep;
She staked her claim – it’s here to keep.

Each day awakened by a purr;
Half asleep I stroke her fur.
She can’t tell time and what is more
Even weekends I’m waked at four.

After work when I’d like to rest
Is when she does her very best
To convince me that we ought to play
She always seems to have her way.

She’s changed my life, but not too much
And all the change is worth the touch
Of a Ragdoll’s soft and silky fur;
The sound of her contented purr.

I thought I’d like to own a cat,
And had set out to do just that,
But hypnotized by a soft sweet purr,
It’s obvious I belong to her.

P.J. Luke Migliacci
August 11, 1984


Faithful Ragdolls stay by human’s side in troubled times

San Francisco–Moun-Shi, faithful Seal Mitted Ragdoll, recently accompanied her protector Brig General R. N. Trubey, USA-Ret., to San Francisco where he went for treatment. Adopted a few years ago, Moun-Shi was given her exotic Thai name, and taken to a veterinarian for examination by Mr. Trubey. “The doctor recognized me right away as a Ragdoll,” says Moun-Shi-who is as pretty as her name, which as you probably have guessed, has a meaning in Thai-something to do with floral beauty, we were told. “Mr. Trubey had always been devoted to Siamese, but now he thinks there is nothing to compare with us Ragdolls,” she confided.

“Living with a Ragdoll is a unique privilege,” comments Mr Trubey. “Everyone who visits us becomes devoted to my Ragdoll, even some who normally despise cats, always with the proviso, ”but your Ragdoll is just like a big friendly dog”.

Ragdolls always try to brighten one’s times of trouble. Last year when Edna Paquette was suffering from a broken ankle, her Ragdoll Adorable spent all the time she could near her on the bed.

– reproduced as printed in March 1978 issue of the RFC newsletter, RAG

 This Tribble is no Trouble

Pasadena–Why hasn’t anyone thought of it before? Can’t be there are no Trekkies amongst us.

“I was adopted by Barbara and Ole Henriksen on December 16. They decided there was no better name for me than TRIBBLE–you see, they are fans of the Star Trek television series, and it seems there was an episode called “The trouble with Tribbles.” Tribbles were little balls of fluff that made a pleasing sound, adored being held and loved, and brought much pleasure to those around them. Yep! That’s what a Ragdoll does! So, in the social circles, I am known as Blossom-Time Tribble!”

– reproduced as printed in March 1978 issue of the RFC newsletter, RAG

 Moomin appears on TV

Hollywood, California–Appearing on the Jim Nabors show March 27, 1978, Moomin who resides with the famed singer Dusty Springfield, demonstrated for the television audience the limpness and super lovableness of the Ragdoll. Moomin spent much of her time on the show nestled in the arms of actress Betty White and impressed everyone by her sophistication, remaining calm and never once struggling to get away. “We always have to explain,” said Moomin later, “That my aplomb is inborn, and not just the result of my exposure to Dusty and the entertainment world”.

– reproduced as printed in March 1978 issue of the RFC newsletter, RAG

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